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Orlando weather is being affected by climate change. While Florida weather is relatively good all year round, we've noticed a change over the last 3 years.

Here's a description of Orlando and Kissimmee weather in Florida's two main seasons. Plan to go when the weather is most likely to suit you.

Daily Orlando Weather Forecast in the Summer: May to September

Hot and humid are the two words that describe Florida weather in the summer. You can expect the occasional downpour and these can be torrential. The rain usually arrives in the afternoons. It can actually be quite refreshing to be caught in a downpour-you're so hot by afternoon you appreciate a cool soaking!

It is best, however, to plan to be indoors at this time of day. The downpours are normally accompanied by lightning and can be dangerous. Scheduling indoor shopping and other activities for the afternoon keeps you and your children safe and dry.

The nice thing about the weather in Orlando is that these torrential rains are usually short-lived. Before you know it, you're back in the sunshine, ready for more of the region's fabulous outdoor activities.


orlando-weather-forecast-july-floridaSummertime in Orlando is hot. Temperatures can reach the high 90s. Shorts and T-shirts are highly recommended and don't forget the sunblock! You'll also need hats and those cool dude shades for everyone.

Evenings can get cool in the later months of summer.

You should carry a sweatshirt or sweater if you're planning to be out after dark.

Air conditioning is standard in most hotels, villas and restaurants. Actually, if you're dining out, you may want to have something warm to throw on. That air conditioning can get pretty chilly!

The Dreaded Hurricane Season:

Florida is paradise in many ways. Unfortunately, it does have a hurricane season. But please don't let the possibility of a hurricane put you off visiting Orlando!

Our family has only experienced one hurricane (and you know we're in Orlando a lot). While we're happy not to repeat the experience, it certainly made for a memorable vacation.

Hurricane season:

Hurricane season starts around July in the sunshine state and can carry on until mid November. Recently, hurricanes have increased throughout the Gulf/Caribbean and the American panhandle regions.

Some travel companies and agents don't warn you about hurricane season unless asked. (Let's face it, they want your cash and they're not going to scare you out of booking a trip.) This link will keep you up-to-date on hurricane warnings and Orlando weather forecast so you can judge for yourself whether you've chosen a good time to visit.

Daily Orlando Weather Forecast in Winter: October to April

orlando-weather-forecast-cypress-gardens-christmas-floridaIf you're not a fan of the heat, winter is an ideal time to visit Orlando and Central Florida.

Temperatures fall into the 60s and 70s, much more comfortable for many people.

We arrived in Florida for Christmas 2005 and found it to be the coldest Florida Christmas on record. In spite of the cool temperatures, we still managed to get a suntan during our three-week stay.

Give your family a gift they'll love with an Orlando Christmas vacation! Christmas in Florida is a real treat. Everything is decked out with glittering fake snow and gorgeous decorations. You have all the usual fun of Christmas, complete with Santa, plus fabulous sunshiny days.

Winter clothing:

Temperatures may be cooler in Orlando in the winter, but that doesn't mean you'll be bundled up. Pack your shorts, T-shirts and comfortable sandals. You will wear them!

Once again, check our Orlando weather forecast page to plan what clothes to bring. Of course, you can also wait until you arrive and buy warmer clothing in the local malls and stores. Orlando weather 7-day forecast

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