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Vital protection for your family!

travel-insurance-orlando-floridaTravel insurance is one area that still shocks and surprises me as an adult and a parent.

We hear stories where families, couples and individuals decided against taking out any form of holiday insurance because:

  • "It is an expense we can do without"

  • "We do not require insurance"

  • "Nothing will happen to us"

  • Forgotten all together

Well let's be positive and answer the negatives!

  1. Protects - deposits and final payments if your holiday cancels due to unforeseen circumstances!

  2. Protects - loss of holiday money (travellers checks etc)

  3. Protects - loss of passports/visas/driving licenses

  4. Protects - loss of baggage to and from your holiday destination i.e; Orlando

  5. Protective - Medical cover for you and your loved ones!

  6. Peace of Mind!

Not to preach too much on the subject, but as responsibly adults and parents, its vital we all take out sufficient holiday insurance.

We speak from experience, with two separate incidents (2002 - Two cracked ribs - costs $3500) (2005 - Broken arm & head wound - costs $5000) see photo above both times due to slipping over.(No it was not the rum cocktails!)

However, if we did not have any travel insurance, those costs would have come out of our pockets, before been released from the hospital. Ouch! No holiday money left!

Now you tell me...Is it an expense we can do without?

Where to purchase your holiday insurance!

There are many ways to go about purchasing your Orlando travel insurance.

  • Travel agents

  • Internet

  • Yellow pages

  • Magazines

  • TV advertising

  • Word of mouth

Costs can change dramatically, so take a good look around. You will be astonished at the differences.

If you are booking your holiday or vacation through a travel agent, they will provide Orlando travel insurance at point of sale; you can secure some great deals i.e; (Buy now! children go free etc).

However, you can secure excellent deals on the Internet and cut out the middleman. Here's a few websites for you to have a glance at. See list below

Always check the small print when you purchase your travel insurance, clear any dark areas you are not to sure about. Always download the terms and conditions.

One annoying area we've come across, is a large amount of insurance companies have age restrictions for travel i.e. Over 70's & 75's, so you might have to look around for a while until you find what is suitable for your requirements. Here's a useful site you might find helpful.

Total Travel Insurance...This professional site offers free quotes from every major holiday insurance company. Over 100 trip insurance, travel medical, travel health, evacuation and flight plans are quoted and compared for students and travelers. Easy to quote, we recommend this helpful site.

We travel from the UK and use this specific insurance company, which cater for Grandma & Grandad as well as the rest of the family, with quality Orlando travel insurance.

Other popular websites for you to browse through:

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