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A Disney Vacation on a Budget

A Disney vacation on a budget is the only way to go as far as our family is concerned. Why?

  • You can enjoy your trip without guilt about overspending,

  • You can relax knowing you're not going to have to pay off credit cards for the next ten years, and

  • a Disney holiday on a budget is easy to plan.

What should you consider when planning your budget vacation?

Just looking at this list sends shivers down our spines. We clearly remember our first visit, trying to budget for all these things for the entire family. It wasn't easy and we have to admit, we spent a bit more than we'd planned.

If you're in the same boat - trying to plan a budget vacation for your family - you may want to start screaming just thinking about all this stuff. But don't. The Philps are here to help you plan a wonderful Disney vacation on a budget.

What's Your Money Worth?

It's hard to plan a Disney vacation on a budget when you aren't sure how much money you have. We all want the "Deal of the Year" so remember, you can get better deals when the exchange rate is in your favour.

Exchange rates on currencies bob up and down, changing daily. They rarely change enough to make a huge difference to your vacation, but it has happened, so keep on eye on how your currency compares to the US dollar as your vacation date approaches.

Before paying Orlando airfare or booking an Orlando car rental, use a currency converter (here's one we love - very easy to use). If the exchange rates are in your favour, go for it! You may be able to get some great savings.

Our Site is About Planning a Budget Vacation

We believe that you should always take a Disney vacation on a budget. Our site is dedicated to helping you have a magical time in Orlando without spending the rest of your life paying for it!

Please visit our subject-related pages throughout our web site. Just click on the navigation buttons on the left of your screen to read more. (Sorry, the "How to control screaming page" is still under construction. But, hey, if you follow our advice, you may never need it!).

Just like your local paperboy

When you're planning your Disney vacation on a budget, you don't want to use old news and information. We will keep updating our site via our RSS feed Simply click onto the RSS feed. above and follow the instructions. It's an easy way to stay on top of what's happening in Orlando, free of charge.

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