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Orlando Family Vacation Planning:
What's the Right Time to Head for the Sun?

orlando-family-vacation-floridaOrlando family vacation planning is easy-if you've done it 10 times in as many years like we have. We find each trip is better than the last, largely because we keep getting better at planning our sunkissed adventures.

Of course, we've had our share of misadventures, especially during our first few trips. You wouldn't believe how many times one of us (usually Denise!) has moaned "If I knew then what I know now about organizing an Orlando family vacation"

We've been lucky and never had a holiday completely ruined. But like you, we've heard the horror stories. Unexpected expenses, terrible weather, and crowded attractions can wreak havoc on your holiday. Proper planning is the key to avoiding such problems. Read on to discover easy ways to make sure your dream Orlando holiday doesn't turn into a nightmare.

How to choose the perfect time for your Orlando family vacation

Your five key concerns when selecting the right time to head out on an Orlando Florida family vacation?

  • School schedules
  • Work commitments
  • Budget restraints
  • Length of vacation
  • Weather

Orlando's busiest times are-yes, you guessed it-during school holidays 2013/14 (Pdf Doc) (2014/15) Each Easter, summer and Christmas, flocks of families flow into Orlando and Central Florida, on the hunt for fun in the sun.

If you have children, these times are obviously the most convenient for you, but beware. They come with a price. Airfares, accommodations, cruises, theme park tickets-and pretty much everything else-are more expensive. You'll also have to fight the crowds everywhere you go.

orlando-family-vacation-christmas-orlando-floridaIf you can schedule your Orlando Florida family vacation before or after these busy holiday times, you'll be delighted. And, you may be able to avoid the extreme heat or other possible downfalls of Orlando weather.

We've braved the busy seasons and we're happy to report we survived. Actually, we always manage to have a great time in Orlando but we have to say we prefer visiting when things aren't so crazy.

It's shocking how quiet it really does become in the low season, and prices drop considerably.

High Season Temperature
Christmas/ Mid December – 1st week January 48°f – 72°f
Spring break time/ Late March – early April 55°f – 83°f
Easter/ Check dates they do change each year 55°f – 83°f
1st two weeks of June 72°f – 91°f
July 4th – Independence Day.(4th Thursday) 73°f – 93°f
Summer holidays/ rough guide 20th July – August 73°f – 93°f
Low Season Temperature
2nd Week January – Mid March 48°f – 78°f
Mid April – End of May (Our favourite time) 59°f – 88°f
Mid June – Mid July 73°f – 93°f
September 72°f – 90°f
October 85°f – 65°f
November – Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of month) 56°f – 78°f
December – 1st two weeks 50°f – 73°f

Good News for the Budget-Conscious

Thanks to the Internet, travel agents have become very competitive. You can find discounted Orlando holidays if you know where to look.

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