Orlando, Florida Through the Eyes of a Native

by Buffy
(Orlando, Florida)

Hi Everyone!

My name is Buffy and I have lived in Orlando, Florida my entire life. Even as an adult I find the things I used to enjoy as a child still intrigue me to this day.

There's so much more to Orlando than just Disney, Seaworld and Universal Studios. We are literally in the middle of the state which allows us access to tons of natural and man-made attractions.

Living in Orlando has many benefits including great weather, fun outdoor activities and there's always something new to discover.

Because of this I decided that I needed a reason to re-discover my home town. I have been on many adventures in the past few years and have archieved them on my website Orlando Florida Local.com. Not only do I bring you along but I show you ways to save money!

Just think of me as your personal tour guide through Orlando. Find fun and intresting things to do that you may not otherwise have known about.

You can even share your own adventures with me and my readers. So before you make your way to Florida be sure to take a peek at Orlando Florida Local.com

Have fun!

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