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Epcot's Disney World Showcase
Explore 11 Different Countries In One Afternoon!

disneys-world-showcase-mexican-pavillion-orlando-floridaDisney's World Showcase is an exciting way to teach your kids about the wonders of the world.

Let's face it, even if you don't have a big family like ours, you'll probably never have the chance to take the whole group around the world. Especially in one afternoon! This park gives you that opportunity.

We normally arrive here around mid-afternoon, after visiting Future World.

Arriving mid-afternoon allows us to take our time travelling around the lagoon before the Illuminations and Reflections of Earth water show starts on the lagoon in the evening.

Please note that closing times at the park change throughout the year. We recommend checking this website for times (it has times for all the parks in Orlando Florida) so you don't have to cut your trip around the world short. This site will give you a guide when planning your holiday. You can also use this Disney World Showcase map to explore Epcot.

Special events do occur in Orlando. Keep up-to-date with what's going on at Epcot and the Disney World Showcase, as well as at the other Disney parks, with this useful events calendar.

What's great about Disney World Showcase?

  • It's an incredible international experience that leaves you feeling the world may be vast and wonderful, but isn't as big as we think.

  • The kids-and the parents-learn about different countries without even realizing they are learning because it's so fun!

  • Each country is represented beautifully, giving you an authentic experience of what life is like there.

  • There's no other way to travel the globe in one afternoon.

  • Where else can you sample the food of so many different countries?

Hey Mum, Let's Go To....

Here's our list of the fantastic countries on offer at the Disney World Showcase, travelling clockwise around the lagoon:

  1. Mexico...El Rio del Tiempo - A great favourite with the crowds! Cruise away down the river of time exploring the vibrant, colourful, Mexican culture. You can dine here but remember that booking is recommended during peak times. See your park map for booking instructions.

  2. Norway...Maelstrom - We love this for its exciting boat ride through the fjords with the Vikings-and the odd troll. Fastpass is advisable during peak season.

  3. China...Reflections of China - Discover the mysterious East. China has a colourful and entertaining culture your whole family will enjoy exploring. Try the Circle-Vision 360. Great fun!

  4. Germany...Dine in the brilliant Biergarten and catch a traditional German musical performance: Wonder bah!!! Excellent shops on offer as well, for that unique present to take back home with you.

  5. world-showcase-venice-epcot-disney-orlandoItaly... Wine and dine in the Venetian square and browse through the shops. This area truly has all the charm of Venice and Italy.

  6. The American Adventure... Join Ben Franklin and Mark Twain in classic American style. When you need a break, you can sit by the bandstand overlooking the World Showcase and lagoon and enjoy some wonderful music throughout the day.

  7. Japan... Want to try authentic Japanese cuisine like sushi? How about purchasing your very own bonsai tree? We love this part of Epcot. Japan has a great gallery and you can climb up to the balcony to watch the parades and fireworks. (Warning: if we're in Orlando, the balcony may be full!)

  8. Morocco...You know when you are here by the smell of the spices and the ancient buildings in front of you filled with adventure, good food and Moroccan art.

  9. France...Impressions de France - How romantic! See the Eiffel Tower and French chateaux in this visual celebration of the glorious French countryside, food and wine.

  10. United Kingdom...We're home! If you like The Beatles music or fancy an English pint or cup of tea, this is the place for you. It certainly is for us! We like to return home, if only for a half hour, by sitting down to authentic fish and chips. Good food, good fun and good times.

  11. Canada...You must go and see the Circle-Vision 360 tour, a breathtaking view of a vast and glorious country.

Reflections of Earth - IllumiNations

You've explored the world and now it is time to rest, weary travellers. But one more extravaganza awaits you at the Disney World Showcase. Find a good spot and get ready for a wonderful end to the day: the fantastic Reflections of Earth - IllumiNations.

disneys-world-showcase-illuminations-orlandoThe show takes place over the lagoon. We usually take up position in the United Kingdom area, around the Rose & Crown pub. (Yes, some of us may have stopped in for a refreshing pint.)

Make sure there are batteries and film in the camera before the show starts. Our entire family loves this show and would happily watch it every night. Remember...during high season good viewing spots are taken early, so watch that time!

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