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Your Family in the Movies

tower-of-terror-hollywood-studios-orlando-floridaHollywood Studios brings the magic and excitement of the movies from crazy California to the sunkissed streets of Orlando. Here, you'll enjoy thrills and spills, have tons of fun with your favourite TV channels and watch the one and only Fantasmic.

After countless visits, we can tell you that unlike Walt Disney World, this park can be seen in one comfortable day.

Making the visit in one day does take planning. But that's why you have us, right? This page is full of our tips for a great day. You'll discover how to get to Disney Hollywood Studios, what rides you'll find there and how to plan a perfect day for different age groups.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Some activities or rides won't appeal to everyone in the family. Research ahead of time so you know what your family will like best and plan your visit accordingly.

  • Arrive early to beat the crowds. Use that time wisely, hitting more popular rides as soon as you arrive.

  • The new parade 'Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun' starts around 3.00 - 3.30 pm (Mon - Sat) 9am (Sun). Use this great guide on all the opening times and the Pixar Pals Countdown parade times throughout Disney so you don't miss it.


We cannot say it enough: planning is key to a successful visit to Disney Hollywood Studios. Check this Disney events calendar for the year, which can help future planning if required.

Directions to Disney Hollywood Studios:

If you can afford it, arrive in style just like the stars! Renting a limousine is a fun way to get to Disney Hollywood Studios. If you have a huge family like ours (10 of us travel to Orlando together) a stretch or SUV limo can really make economic sense too.

Of course, if you are staying at a Walt Disney resort then you have no worries. Your transport will be available from your resort area.

If you've rented a car, take the usual major roadways such as the I4, 192 and Osceola Parkway. These will all take you to Disney Hollywood Studios. Just follow the road signs. Please see our dedicated directions page before you set out.

Once you have paid your parking fees starting from $20 (2016-2017 subject to change) you will enter the parking area and be directed to your parking space. As always in the world of Mickey Mouse, signs with your favourite characters like Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh help you remember where you parked.

Walk or take a tram ride to the entrance and make sure your tickets are ready to show....Disney World Base Ticket: Buy 4 Days & get 5th Day Free!... Once again, bag searches will be carried out. We recommend this helpful map regarding Disney Hollywood Studios.

Pushchairs (strollers) located at Oscar's Super Service & Lockers are available for rent at Crossroads of the World, inside the main entrance. Wheelchairs (Scooters) are available from Walkers Mobility, click this link for further infomation.

What to Do First?

hollywood-boulevard-hollywood-studios-orlando-floridaYour first stop in Disney Hollywood Studios? Hollywood Boulevard, where you'll be greeted with Mickey Mouse's famous sorcerer's hat.

If you have younger children, we recommend you head towards Voyage of the Little Mermaid. This brilliant ride will get the kids in the right mood for a fun and adventurous day. It can get really busy at peak times, so getting it done first will help you beat the crowds. Use your Fastpass to cut down on the wait.

After the ride, stop in at Playhouse Disney and Beauty and the Beast (both on the Sunset Boulevard - here's a map) to check show times. These are wonderful shows and you can normally view them back-to-back.

While you're waiting for the next show, take your budding artists to Disney Animation to watch Disney characters come to life before your very eyes.

If you aren't sick after the Tower of Terror, jump on the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster ride. It's fast, loud and wild. You can use your Fastpass for both these rides. If you are not bothered about the Fantasmic show, skip it and enjoy these rides while the crowds are taking in the show.

Around about now your group will be getting hungry and the batteries may need charging. As with all the parks, Disney Hollywood studios has food available by the bucket load with an assortment of prices to match. Here's a useful dining guide to help you select options that suit your budget.

Pick Your Rides:

Here's a list of our favourite rides and shows at Disney Hollywood Studios. We recommend you pick your top 3 or 4 and add them to what we've recommended above. If you still have time at the end of your visit you can visit the others. Make sure you remember to watch the brilliant 'Fantasmic' show at the end of the day. The whole family will be nothing but impressed.

  1. The Great Movie Ride - Sit down and watch these unforgettable, classic films in an old Chinese theatre. Do watch out for the alien film, which can scare young children.

  2. Indiana Jones - If you don't know the story of Indiana Jones by now, where have you been for the last 23 years? This is a brilliant show for all the family and very popular. Fastpass is available if needed.

  3. Star Tours - The Adventures Continue - The force is strong with you Luke! Mums, take note: my darling wife loves this ride more than the children do. Must be the Darth Vader costume! This ride is an all-time classic, enjoyable every single time we visit. Fastpass is available.

  4. Muppet Vision 3-D - Who doesn't love the Muppets? This is another all-time classic show with all your favourite characters combined with all the tricks of 3-D. Set in the old Muppet theatre, it's a good family show.

  5. Honey I Shrunk the Playground - The kids will love this fun adventure area where they can sit on giant ants and join other children on slides, swings, rope walkways and much more. (Watch out for the water jets, Mums and Dads!)

  6. Lights, Motors, Action - This extreme stunt show is new to Hollywood Studios. Get your camera ready because you are going to get some great photos. This impressive show is a favourite with children and parents. Just remember: don't try this at home!

  7. Studio Backlot Tour -Disney Hollywood Studios longest ride, the Backlot Tour takes about 45 minutes to an hour during busy periods. It is well worth the time spent. You'll see great special effects in the doomed canyon and genuine props used in past films.

One Last Word of Advice:

Make sure you get an early start, especially in the 'High Seasons'. Plan ahead and you'll find enough time to see all of this theme park. Remember your sunblock, shades, hat's and water...lot's of walking to get around. Have a fantastic time & don't forget Fantasmic!

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